Wheelchair Access Motorhome, Campervan, Day Van & Adapted Caravan Van Sales
Wheelchair Access Motorhome, Campervan, Day Van & Adapted Caravan Van Sales


Tel: Nationwide 0800 328 1475 or 01227 751865 (Kent) or 01903 205065 (Sussex) or alternatively contact us by email here

EU & worldwide export enquiries tel: +44 1903 205065

Public and dealer enquiries welcome

Disabled caravanning and wheelchair access motorhome specialists


Push the boundaries of your disability to the great outdoors for camping and caravanning, wheelchair sports and hobbies with your family, friends and associations. We enable the wheelchair users, the less able bodied, disabled, and mobility scooter users to own or drive an adapted motor home or camper van or tow an accessible caravan to the destination of your choice.

Accessible Campervan & Motorhome Sales


For those wishng to reach beyond physical or mental impairment embarking on outdoor leisure and camping activities, para sports events or using a motorhome or caravan can seem beyond your grasp. However Nirvana Mobility offer you options you may not have thought achievable before without the premium price tag usually associated with bespoke products for the disabled.

Our adapted caravans, camper, motorhomes and day vans assist disabled drivers, wheelchair users and those with other disability or illness gain access to the outdoor leisure lifestyle enjoyed by so many.

If you want a wheelchair accessible campervan, adapted coachbuilt motorhome or caravan or are a mobility scooter user who wants to continue camping and outdoor leisure pursuits we at Nirvana Mobility are pleased to announce our new Freedom model motor caravans and new purpose built Freedom caravan models. The range comprises several affordable mobility converted manual and automatic campers that are ideal for disabled passenger or driver. All our vehicles come as standard in UK right hand drive and all feature a high level of standard specification. If you are a contintental traveller then left hand drive orders can be fulfilled for delivery and registration in the UK or across the EU. Motorised mobility camper vans are available now but we do have limited production capacity so please contact us sooner rather than later.


Adapted Freedom mobility touring caravan models are now available, some from stock and other to order, usually within 8 to 12 weeks. Please refer to the caravan section of this website for more details on accessible lightweight touring caravans.


Export enquiries and dealer enquiries welcome for EU, Europe, Ireland and the rest of the world. Our vehicles can be left or right hand drive and our caravans are universal and can have the relevent power requirements installed for your country. coachbuilt models available in GB, EU and for export worldwide.

Wheelchair Accessible & Disabled Friendly Caravan Sales


Our new Freedom range of caravans offer mobility to the wheelchair user or less able and the opportunity to enjoy affordable camping holidays in a more user friendly environment allowing a wheelchair or mobility scooter access via the wide accessible entry door. They are available in 2/ 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 berth layouts.



Our experience with accessible transport and recreational leisure vehicles will guide you through a step by step process ensuring smooth transition from order to delivery and taking into account your specialist and family needs and assist in all stages of the paperwork including the latest system to qualify for VAT exemption.

Wheelchair and Disabled Accessible Campervans


Want a more useable daily driver or campervan? Below are some examples of our Nirvana Freedom Campervan models, in high top and elevating roof format, with full wheelchair access and great on board facilities. They sleep 2 to 4 and travel 4 plus a wheelchair passenger. Easy to drive daily, and flexible. Manual or automatic gearbox, standard or disabled driver. The side access means they can also be combined with a disabled adapted or standard caravan to accomodate all your family needs. 


Wav (Wheelchair Access) Motorhome, Campervan, Day Van & Adapted Caravan Van Sales
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